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Is The Resident canceled or renewed for Season 6?

FOX let a lot of decisions go down to the wire in the 2021–2022 season. The Resident was one of them. Is The Resident canceled or renewed for Season 6?

We were certainly worried about a few FOX shows this year. Usually, we worry about them because FOX has a bad habit of canceling good shows because of low live ratings in the U.S. However, the shows on the bubble were a lot of top-rated shows.

The Resident was one of them. While it is on a competitive night, it has managed to remain a good option for the network. We didn’t think the series would be canceled, but what took FOX so long to make a decision?

Is The Resident canceled?

There is some excellent news. The Resident is renewed for a sixth season. The decision came in just before the finale aired on Tuesday, May 17.

The decision to renew wasn’t delayed because of FOX. Had the network had a choice, it would have likely offered the renewal earlier than normal. The delay came because of negotiations with the production studio. This was also the reason for delays in renewing both 911 and 911 Lone Star.

FOX is still to announce its full fall schedule. This delay is linked to the delay in renewing some shows. We’re sure to see The Resident remain in the fall, though.

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