Is The Resident canceled or renewed for Season 7?

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Since the finale aired earlier this year, fans have wanted to know if The Resident would be canceled or renewed. FOX has made a decision.

There have been a lot of concerns about The Resident. The series got a much shorter season than normal, and part of that was due to cost. The TV landscape for network TV is changing so much, and the networks are searching for ways to keep the costs down. Shorter season orders are the way to do that, but it also makes us worried about the future of our favorite shows.

The Season 6 finale was written as a way to craft a series finale just in case. This is something other seasons have done, and this time, it was a good call.

The Resident is canceled after six seasons

There will not be a seventh season of the series. FOX has decided to cancel The Resident after six seasons. This news may not be too surprising for those who saw the rumors of prop auctions last month.

It looks like the writing has been on the wall in the background for a while. Matt Czuchry has already set up a role in American Horror Story Season 12.

What’s next for FOX? Well, there will be another medical drama on the network next season. Earlier this month, FOX announced that it had ordered Docs straight to series. This is a reboot of the Italian series and will follow Chief of Internal and Family Medicine Dr. Amy Elias. She isn’t just trying to run a Minneapolis hospital but also navigating an unfamiliar world after eight years of her life is taken from her due to a brain injury.

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The Resident* is available to stream on Hulu in the United States and on the CTV App in Canada.