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The Resident Season 4, Episode 6 spoilers: Who is Billie?

The promo makes it clear we’re in for a treat on The Resident Season 4, Episode 6. There’s clearly tension between Conrad and Billie, but why?

Let’s start with a quick recap of the way the hospital was saved. After all, it’s going to directly affect things at Chastain moving forward.

The hospital has gone public. That means it’s owned by the people, and that could put the hospital in some financial difficulties. At the same time, it opens the door to right the wrongs of the current medical system in the United States. That certainly is something Devon will want.

While we see the ramifications of going public on The Resident Season 4, Episode 6, Nic is recovering from the attack during the previous episode. She almost lost her life and her baby. Fortunately, both were safe by the end, and but there is certainly going to be some mental trauma to deal with.

In comes Billie (Jessica Lucas), a friend of Nic’s and a former top neurosurgeon at Chastain. Check out her introduction in the promo:

What history do Conrad and Billie have on The Resident?

During the promo, Billie tells Conrad that he got her fired. Deadline reported when Lucas’s casting was announced that Billie made a mistake in the past and she was fired from Chastain because of that.

It looks like she blames Conrad for getting fired. Does she accept that she made a mistake though that led to that? Can she accept that Conrad would have done what he thought was right at the time for the patients at the hospital? Conrad isn’t a bad guy!

Nic may find herself caught in the middle. Nic and Billie are childhood best friends, and Nic will know Billie’s personality to a tee. However, she also wants Billie back at the hospital.

And this certainly seems necessary. After all, Chastain’s neurosurgeon is no longer there. Cain was transported to the hospice since he can’t come off the vent (at least, just yet). What will happen with his storyline moving forward? It looks like Billie may be taking his place, but will she cause some similar problems when she knows she’s the smartest person in the room?

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What do you hope to see on The Resident Season 4, Episode 6? What do you think will happen when Billie arrives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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