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The Resident spoilers: Will Nic lose her baby?

Nic will be attacked on The Resident Season 4, Episode 5. Will she lose the baby, or will Chastain save both of them?

Things have been so good for Nic and Conrad. We should have known it would be the calm before the storm. They are so happy to be expecting a baby, of course something was going to go wrong.

The last thing either of them would have expected is for Nic to be attacked. In the synopsis for The Resident Season 4, Episode 5, we learn that she’s going to be attacked by a deranged patient. That attack is a stabbing to the back, and we see her bleeding out in the promo.

Check out the promo and synopsis for The Resident Season 4, Episode 5:

With Chastain on the verge of shutting down due to the sale by Red Rock, Conrad tries a last-ditch effort to save the hospital and the doctors plan for their next career moves. Meanwhile, on their last day, the whole staff must work together to save Nic’s life after she is injured by a deranged patient.

There is a lot of things working against them all during the episode. One of the biggest is that the number of staff members there is minimal. Chastain has been sold to people who want to tear the place down and build luxury condos. Honestly, we need hospitals not luxury condos that arguably wouldn’t help the housing crisis at all because of the cost of them.

So, it’s all hands on deck when there aren’t even that many hands. Or that much equipment.

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Will Nic make it out alive on The Resident Season 4, Episode 5?

We’re mostly concerned about the baby. There’s no doubt that Nic will manage to pull through this episode. Emily VanCamp is the lead actress and there has been nothing about her stepping away from the show. I’m sure the writers wouldn’t just suddenly throw something like that on us.

However, there’s no guarantee that she’ll make out of this still pregnant. We have some hope that it will happen, but there is always the chance that Nic and Conrad will suffer another loss.

They already lost one baby. In a flashback episode early in the series, we found out Nic had once been pregnant, but she suffered a miscarriage. That was the thing that broke her and Conrad up pre-series.

The synopsis for Episode 6 doesn’t really tell us much. We know Nic survives, but not whether the baby does.

With a lot of hope, The Resident isn’t going to give us a pregnancy just to take it from us two episodes later. Nic and Conrad have been through that loss once before, and it just seems wrong to do it again for the sake of drama.

The drama on this show comes from outside forces. It’s from Red Rock, which has always been a pain in the hospital’s behind since buying it in Season 3.

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Do you think Nic will lose the baby? What do you expect to see on The Resident Season 4, Episode 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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