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The Rookie needs to deliver more high-stakes episodes

The Rookie Season 2’s winter premiere aired on Feb. 23 and it was one hell of an episode. This is a show that needs to deliver more high-stakes episodes.

Did you catch The Rookie Season 2’s winter premiere? If you didn’t, there are going to be some spoilers in this post. You’re going to want to watch it before you read on.

For those who did catch it, what an episode, right? This episode most definitely delivered on the high stakes that it set up. We got one of those episodes were it wasn’t clear until the very end whether the cops would find one of their own in time. Now, we need to see more of these episodes.

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A search for Lucy Chen

The episode focused on answering questions we got after The Rookie Season 2’s winter finale. Lucy Chen had been abducted, but absolutely nobody knew. Considering how much they know about Lucy, it didn’t take too long for everyone to figure out that she might have been abducted. Now they just needed to figure out who the Caleb guy was and where he could have taken her.

They were on a clock, though. They knew that this Caleb guy had killed before and he wasn’t afraid of burying a cop alive. And that’s just what he’d done. Lucy was trapped in the ground with very little oxygen left. It would only be a matter of time before she ran out of air. But out in the desert, it wasn’t going to be easy to find her.

In the end, they did. We didn’t know until the very end of the episode whether she’d be alive though. With time quickly running out and the suspect dead, they had to work off the knowledge there would be fresh dirt somewhere in the desert.

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An episode for the history books

The Rookie Season 2, Episode 11 reminded me of CSI‘s Season 5 finale when Nick was buried alive. We got an episode where the team had to work together to find the suspect, figure out where Nick was being kept, and find a way to get him back. It was a two-parter that had us on the edges of our seats as we wondered whether the show would kill off one of our favorites.

That’s exactly what The Rookie offered. The teasers made it clear that this could be a life or death episode, and that’s exactly what we were given. From beginning to end, we didn’t know if the show would zig or zag. There was no telling how they would get answers needed to find Lucy.

And the ratings agree that this was a great episode. The show has suffered with its move to Sunday nights. It’s suffered from telling some of the same old stories over and over again. The Rookie Season 2, Episode 11 saw a season-high in both the demo and total audience, according to TV Series Finale. In fact, in the demo, it saw the highest results since the third episode of the first season. In the total audience, it was the highest since the series premiere.

These are the types of stories fans want to see more of in The Rookie. Can the show deliver it?

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What did you think of The Rookie Season 2’s winter premiere? Would you like more episodes like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Rookie Season 2 airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.