The Society renewed for Season 2 by Netflix

It’s official! After becoming one of the most binge-watched shows on Netflix, The Society has been renewed for a second season. Get all the details here.

If you’ve been waiting for news about The Society on Netflix, today is your lucky day. Netflix has officially announced that the series has been renewed for a second season. That means more Allie, Grizz, Sam, Gordie, and many more. Oh, and more pie? Let’s hope it’s not poisoned this time!

The cast of the series announced the renewal, along with the fact that production has now started on the series. With the video, we got the confirmation that all the main characters are returning. We can expect to learn more about the town the teens have found themselves in, see the fallout now that Grizz’s group has returned to a New World Order ruled by Lexie, and figure out if anyone will be able to see through Campbell.

There are certainly plenty of questions for the series based on Lord of the Flies. One of the biggest is where the teens are. It looks like the original world they’re from knows that they’re going to be missing for good. Maybe it’s some sort of deal made to get rid of the smell. The memorial board suggests that nobody is actually looking for them and they’re all just going to remember their lost teens.

When will The Society Season 2 premiere? Netflix hasn’t announced that, except that it will be sometime in 2020. With production just getting started, I’d estimate that we’re looking at May 2020 at the very least. This would be about 14 months from the release of the first season, which suits the usual timeframe for Netflix Originals.

Until then, we have the whole of the first season to binge-watch again. Why not watch to see if there are any hidden clues that will give you more details about where the teens are?

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