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The Society Season 2 is no longer happening at Netflix

There is some terrible news for fans of The Society. The second season, which had been previously confirmed, is now not happening.

We had some terrible news at the weekend. Among it was the news that The Society Season 2 was no longer happening. Netflix has chosen to cancel it after initially renewing it.

That’s right! Despite renewing the series last year and sharing that it was set for release late this year, the streamer has now canceled it.


It’s a coronavirus casualty

We can all blame COVID-19 for this one. The Society Season 2 was due to start production next month, according to Deadline. How could it film and air at the same time? It sounds like filming was supposed to start earlier but was delayed due to the coronavirus.

There is still a lot of uncertainty over filming. Nobody knows if anything will be able to start filming next month, and The Society has a large cast. Many of the cast members work on other projects due to the way Netflix shows film and air. So, there’s a chance that some of the actors may not have been available by the time the show was set to film.

But the news definitely sucks. There’s no way we weren’t excited to see the next installment of the series.

Lord of the Flies

So many questions unanswered

One thing this cancellation means is that there are so many questions left unanswered. The renewal had given us hope that we’d get them. We’d find out where the teenagers had been sent, what was next for Allie after the coup, and what was going on with the real town.

Now, we’re left with all these questions that are going to remain just questions.

Not only that, but the writers had already written the scripts. All their hard work will not be realized. Hopefully, there will be a way to bring the scripts to life as a graphic novel or just the release of the scripts for us to see what happens next.

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What do you think of the recent cancellation news? What were your biggest questions for The Society Season 2? Share yours in the comments below.

The Society Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.