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The Stand: Limited series gets premiere date and trailer

Are you ready for a modern-day version of Stephen King’s The Stand. The limited series has a premiere date and trailer.

While we can’t be at New York Comic-Con this year (because, well, it’s not happening in person), we can still experience the panels. The Stand cast got together to chat the limited series, bringing us news of a premiere date and a trailer.

The Stand will air weekly on CBS All Access and is a limited series. That means it’s just the one season, and this probably isn’t going to turn into something like Big Little Lies or The Great where it’s picked up for more seasons afterward. After all, there isn’t a second book!

In fact, Stephen King has penned the ninth and final episode of the season, suggesting a complete wrap-up of the series. The episode will be a new coda that isn’t found in his novel, offering everyone something new.

The Stand premiere date

There isn’t long to wait for the series at all. The Stand, starring James Marsden, Whoopi Goldberg, Greg Kinnear, and Odessa Young, will premiere on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020. There is something good to come in 2020 after all!

The episodes will air weekly only on CBS All Access (in the United States). It’s not clear where they’ll air outside of the States just yet. There are nine weeks of new episodes to follow, and they’ll be available to binge-watch on the streaming service afterward.

The Stand ($)

The Stand trailer

During the NYCC 2020 panel, the trailer for the show dropped. It looks like it mostly follows the book, which was adapted into a 1994 four-part miniseries starring Gary Sinise.

After a plague spreads across the world, the population has been decimated. Now, the survivors need to find each other and figure out if there’s a way to protect mankind. The fate of humans rests of the frail shoulders of Mother Abagail, who needs to find someone else to take over from her since she’s 108.

The problem is there’s someone working against Mother Abagail. The Dark Man, also known as Randall Flagg, will kill anyone who doesn’t follow his way of life.

Check out the trailer below:

The Stand NYCC 2020 panel

For those who want to check out the panel, you can do so below. It’s certainly worth the time. The cast discuss the series, the adaptation, and their characters.

There are a lot of teases to take away, even for those who have read the novel and watched the 1994 miniseries.

Of course, there is also a discussion about the current state of the world. The spread of the super flu in the book has been discussed a lot with the current pandemic.

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What do you hope to see on The Stand? What are you excited about after watching the NYCC 2020 panel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Stand premieres on CBS All Access on Dec. 17.