The Summer I Turned Pretty: Is Finch College a real place?

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The Summer I Turned Pretty has seen the mention of a few colleges. Most of them are real, but what about Finch College?

When our favorite shows mention new places, we want to visit them. It’s only normal to want to see the filming locations, or to want to see the real basis for the locations mentioned. So, you likely want to see the colleges mentioned in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Conrad has mentioned both Brown and Stanford. Steven has mentioned Princeton. We know that all these colleges are real ones. What about the one that Jeremiah is heading to? Belly and Taylor have also mentioned potentially going to that one.

It’s all about Finch College, but is this a real location? Could it be another one in The Summer I Turned Pretty like Cousins Beach?

Finch College is not real in The Summer I Turned Pretty

There is some bad news for those of you who now want to check out Finch College. This location is not a real one. It’s likely been added into the books (and the show) as a way to keep others together without having to figure out a real school they would have all ended up in.

However, there was a real Finch College in the past. The college was set up in 1900 as an all-girls private school. In the 1950s, it became a liberal arts college, but then it shut down in 1976. The school campus is mostly still standing as it’s used by the Ramaz School.

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Where do you want to visit from The Summer I Turned Pretty? Which locations do you wish were real? Share in the comments below.

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