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Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie have an end credit scene?

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Marvel certainly made end credit scenes popular. Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie have one, and is it worth staying for?

It seems now that all movies have end credit scenes. Scream VI had one that poked fun at everyone staying for these scenes, making it clear that not all movies have these types of scenes. And we know that. It’s the reason a lot of us check online before we stay for a movie.

One of the movies that will be popular this weekend is The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Before you leave the theaters during the credits, you’ll want to know if there’s any content worth sticking around for.

Of course, I will say now that the credits are always worth sticking around for. This is where all those involved in creating it are named, and it’s important to support everyone involved.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie end credit scenes

There are two scenes that take place after the movie ends. The first is after the main set of credits. This one is a throwback to a moment during the movie with Bowser’s updated song on the piano. It also confirms where Bowser is at the end of the movie.

The second movie is the one that is the most important. This one takes place after the full credits roll, and it sets up the sequel.

We head back to Brooklyn just by the tunnel that goes to Mushroom Kingdom. There’s a Yoshi egg in Brooklyn and this egg cracks. It’s clear that Yoshi is going to be part of the second movie (which we’re sure is going to happen). This shouldn’t be surprising considering the herd of Yoshis we saw during the movie.

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What did you think of The Super Mario Bros. Movie? Did you miss out on one of the end credit scenes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.