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The Tourist starring Jamie Dornan lands March 2022 release date

Jamie Dornan is certainly an actor to watch. You’ll get to see him in his latest role in The Tourist on HBO Max next month.

While many people will remember Jamie Dornan for Fifty Shades of Grey, he has done so much more. You’ll know him from Once Upon a Time and the recent movie Belfast, and we can’t forget the epic gritty crime drama The Fall.

So, there’s no doubt fans of Dornan will be excited to see what he brings to the table next. That “next” is the BBC One series The Tourist, which has landed a HBO Max release date.

The Tourist is coming to HBO Max in March 2022

There isn’t long to wait for the series, and there’s excellent news for those who want to binge-watch. The Tourist premieres on Thursday, March 3.

Don’t worry about a weekly release. All six episodes of the series drops at once.

Belfast ($)

What is the series about?

Dornan plays a man who is traveling around Australia when he is suddenly hit from behind by a trucker. He loses his memory in the accident, and he has no ID for anyone to figure out who he is or where he came from.

More importantly, it’s clear that someone wants him dead. Without his memories, he can’t figure that out, and it makes it difficult to trust people or for people to help him.

In such a small town, his story is big news. It’s only a matter of time before whoever wanted him dead tries again.

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The Tourist is coming to HBO Max on Thursday, March 3.