The Umbrella Academy is reportedly renewed for a third season

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is reportedly happening. It could help to prevent the break between seasons but are the rumors true.

I heard a rumor that The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is happening. It looks like Alison Hargreeves has been at work, as the report is that this rumor is true. We’re still waiting for the official announcement.

According to What’s On Netflix, the superhero series that focuses on the seven Hargreeves siblings will be back for a third season. Pre-production has already started, with two new writers joining the team. It’s awesome news, but we’re going to avoid too many hopes until the official news from Netflix.

Why no official announcement yet?

It is a little early for news about The Umbrella Academy Season 3. Netflix doesn’t tend to renew many shows ahead of time, especially once it gets to the second season (so renewal for Season 3 onward). Netflix likes to look at the numbers and make sure the show is viable.

Of course, with the hype around the upcoming second season and the number of people likely rewatching the first season, Netflix will know that this is a show we want. There’s no danger in renewing early. However, the announcement for the renewal is likely to happen sometime in August, unless Netflix is being generous.

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Why an early renewal for The Umbrella Academy?

It’s not clear why the streamer has renewed the show early. However, there are also reports that Space Force and Warrior Nun have also been renewed. So, it looks like Netflix is taking some precautionary measures because of COVID-19. With filming halted and virtual writer’s rooms set up, pre-production may have to take a little longer than normal. Netflix will want to prevent too much of a break between seasons, so allowing the shows to get a jump on writing will help.

Also, early renewals are just helpful overall. Look at Amazon Prime Video offering early renewals. It’s meant The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been able to drop every 12 months or so (although this season is likely delayed for obvious health pandemic reasons).

There are plenty of storylines to develop. Gerard Way is still working on the graphic novels and he wants to stay ahead of the show with them. That means there will always be source material to work with.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.