Is The Umbrella Academy Season 4 happening at Netflix?

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When we heard a little about The Umbrella Academy Season 4, it was to say that it would be the end. Is it happening, though?

Shortly after Season 3 dropped, we learned that the plan was to bring the story to a close with a fourth season. Now we just needed Netflix to renew the series for that fourth season. And we needed Netflix to respect the creator’s wishes to bring the TV storyline to an end.

So, what’s going on? Is there going to be any more from the Umbrellas? And what about the Sparrows?

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 is happening

Netflix has confirmed that The Umbrella Academy Season 4 will happen. TVLine reported the news, along with the fact that this is the final season.

Netflix has honored the show’s wishes to bring the story to an end. Considering the way Locke and Key ended, that wasn’t all that surprising. Plus, a lot of Netflix shows don’t go past three or four seasons because of cost, so this may have been something Netflix wanted to do anyway.

The last we left the Umbrellas, they’d managed to fix the problem they created once again. This took them to a world where they didn’t have any abilities. Sloane, from the Sparrows, was also missing. As the group split completely, we did see Allison got her daughter back and Sir Reginald Hargreeves had his wife back from the moon.

This is where the story will pick up. Can the siblings get their powers back? What is left for them if they don’t protect the world, and what did Reginald do to prevent them gaining powers in the first place?

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What do you hope to see in The Umbrella Academy Season 4? Are you happy with a planned ending? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Umbrella Academy is streaming on Netflix.