How many episodes are in The Wheel of Time Season 1?

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The Wheel of Time is one of the most anticipated TV shows coming this year. The season arrives soon, but how many episodes will there be?

There’s no doubt we’re excited about The Wheel of Time Season 1. It arrives on Nov. 19, but only the first three episodes. This is another Amazon show that is getting a hybrid release format.

There’s no point getting annoyed at Amazon for this hybrid model. It’s not just a way for the streamer to make money. It’s a benefit to the show. Rather than everything dropping at once and viewers bingeing it in a weekend, the hybrid model keeps shows on the mind for a couple of months or longer. This helps to keep people talking about it and increases the chances of future renewals.

But with the weekly format, you want to know when the final episode will be. This is important to know when you can start binge-watching the entire season in full.

The Wheel of Time Season 1 episode count

There are eight episodes in the season. The first three episodes will be released at once on Friday, Nov. 19. After that, episodes will release weekly.

With this in mind, the season finale is going to air on Dec. 24. Yes, that’s Christmas Eve. Try not to spend the whole of Christmas binge-watching the eight episodes in one. Unless your whole family wants to watch The Wheel of Time, of course.

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Is The Wheel of Time Season 2 happening?

That doesn’t seem like a lot of episodes, does it? It’s certainly not going to be enough to cover the entire epic series by Robert Jordan. However, there will be more content to come.

Amazon has already renewed the series for a second season. That second season has already started filming, and we’re hoping to see it in 2022. We’re also expecting Amazon to renew it for more seasons, but we need to see how the show performs first.

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What do you hope to see in The Wheel of Time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Wheel of Time premieres on Amazon Prime Video ($) on Friday, Nov. 19 and releases weekly after that.