When will The Wheel of Time Season 2 come to Amazon Prime Video?

We know The Wheel of Time Season 2 is happening. Now eyes are on when the season will premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

The good news is The Wheel of Time Season 2 is definitely happening. We got the renewal news way ahead of the first season premiering on Amazon Prime Video. That’s the support Amazon gave this fantasy series. Considering the hype and anticipation around it, that’s not all too surprising.

By knowing it’s happening, now the question is when it will arrive. Just how long do we need to wait for the next part of the story?

Amazon Prime Video has not announced the release date for the season just yet. That’s not surprising considering filming is still ongoing. Amazon won’t want to make a decision until closer to the time, but we can hazard a guess.

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The Wheel of Time Season 2 premiere date predictions

Most Amazon shows take between 14 and 18 months to arrive. Things have been different in 2021 due to the pandemic, but we are expecting to see things start to return to normal unless more production shutdowns are necessary.

This would mean The Wheel of Time Season 2 wouldn’t arrive until January 2023 at the earliest, but there is some good news with the early renewal. Production work could start immediately, and by November 2021, filming was already halfway through. Filming will continue until at least February 2022 in Prague, and it’s unclear if there will be more to do after that.

However, it looks like we are close to post-production. This can take six months at least, but with filming already a good way through, we could see the season arrive sometime in November or December 2022.

The show will likely get a hybrid release again. We’re looking at the first three episodes at once and then the rest of the eight-episode season released weekly just like the first season.

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What are you hoping to see during the second season? What questions do you have for The Wheel of Time Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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