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Who died on The White Lotus Season 1 finale?

We only knew that Shane would survive The White Lotus Season 1 finale. Who was the person in the coffin and why?

The White Lotus series premiere made it clear that someone had died at the hotel. All we knew was that Shane had lived, and it looked like it was his wife who had died. We had to wait until the finale to find out exactly what had happened.

We’re getting into spoilers for The White Lotus Season 1 finale here. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you’ll want to avoid this post!

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Who died on The White Lotus Season 1 finale?

Most people likely thought that Rachel would die. After all, she’s not at the airport with Shane, and he clearly doesn’t want to talk about his wife.

As the only good person there (although a terrible journalist), the good news is that it wasn’t her. Rachel survived, and Shane’s annoyance about his wife is for another reason. The body being loaded onto the plane is someone else.

It is someone connected to Shane, though. No, not his mother. It’s all about Armond.

The manage of the hotel decided to defecate in Shane’s luggage, but Shane walked in. Understandably shaken considering the Mossbacher’s break-in, Shane immediately grabs a weapon when he realizes that he’s not alone. Before realizing that the intruder is Armond, Shane stabs him.

Shane gets away with it, claiming that it is self-defense. In a way, it was. Although not the usual type of self-defense.

And that’s it. The body was Armond’s all along.

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