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Is The Wilds cancelled? (Is The Wilds Season 3 happening?)

Prime Video doesn’t have many YA shows, but The Wilds quickly proved to be a good one. Why is The Wilds cancelled after two seasons?

We got some bery disappointing news last week. The WIlds is cancelled after two seasons. Prime Video made the decision, and now we’re looking for any network to save it. It’s highly unlikely that another network will pick it up.

One of the bad things about streaming platforms is that if cancelled, they’re pretty much done. Other streamers usually can’t save the shows because of the contracts not allowing the shows to stream for a number of years, and the broadcast networks are limited to U.S. views and not international ones that the shows have benefitted from already.

Why was The Wilds cancelled after two seasons?

What’s with the cancellation, though? Why would Amazon cancel the show after just two seasons, when it was clear that there was a storyline for Season 3 planned?

This all comes down to viewership. While the series was met with great reviews and noise during the first season, it looks like things tapered off with the second season. The pandemic is partly to blame for this. It did delay the release of the second season considerably. We’re seeing this problem with a lot of shows on streaming networks.

If not enough people binged their way through the second season within the first weekend or two, Amazon would be worried. This suggests there isn’t the interest for a third season, so it’s not financially viable.

We are disappointed, though. This is a series that had a great premise, and we were ready to see who the other mole was with the teenagers entering the third stage of the process.

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What did you think of The Wilds? What would you have liked to see in the third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Wilds is available to stream on Prime Video*.