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The Wilds Season 1 finale ending explained

The Wilds Season 1 came to a shocking ending. What is the Twilight of Adam and what happened to the girls?

We certainly had plenty of questions throughout The Wilds Season 1. The show didn’t answer all of those questions, relying on a second season to bring us the answers. Let’s hope we get it!

But there were some answers given throughout The Wilds Season 1 finale. We also got to see that the Dawn of Eve project was not the only one happening.

Here’s a breakdown of the events at the end of The Wilds Season 1 finale.

What happened to the girls?

We found out that six out of eight girls definitely made it off the island throughout the season. Leah, Rachel, Dot, Toni, Shelby, and Fatin all share their stories to the “detectives.”

There’s a hint that Marsha didn’t make it. We don’t know what happened to her yet, but the fact that we only got a box of items, including her frog poncho, suggests she didn’t get off the island alive.

The other girl we have to question about is Nora. The last we saw of her in The Wilds Season 1 finale is her rushing out to Rachel, who had just been dragged under water by a shark. This likely explains Rachel’s missing hand, but what about Nora?

Nora was the mole

From the start, we learned Jeanette wasn’t one of the teenagers selected to go to the island. She was a mole, who chose to go and oversee the girls. She’s an adult, which would have helped with the liability issues.

However, Jeanette suffered internal bleeding after tripping over the deck before being taken out to the island and she died in the premiere episode.

One thing we did learn is that she wasn’t the only mole. The Wilds Season 1 finale told us Nora was the other mole. She agreed to do it as long as Rachel could come to the island too.

But we still don’t know what happened to her. All we know is Leah had figured it out, but it was too late to tell the others.

Shelby says Leah was right on The Wilds Season 1 finale

Throughout the season, Leah had accused Shelby of being the mole. While we know that wasn’t right, we know there was another mole on the island.

Shelby also now seems to agree that Leah wasn’t just paranoid. She was right about something. That something was probably the other mole.

At the end of the finale, Shelby suffers from an anaphylactic shock. Somehow, she’s eaten shellfish, which we know she’s allergic to. She’s done this to give Leah a chance to escape. At least, it all seems to be leading to this.

Leah gets out of her room and to the garden one of the “detectives” had taken her to for fresh air. There is no escape, but she finds a room to hide in. This brings us to the Twilight of Adam.

What is the Twilight of Adam?

The TVs in the room showed something very much like those the Dawn of Eve had been watching. There are a group of teenage boys on an island.

The Dawn of Eve wasn’t the only experiment. There’s another one to see how the boys will deal with being trapped on an island. They seem to be dealing with this a lot better than the girls.

Of course, there are a few factors to consider. We have no idea how the boys initially reacted. We don’t know if there were different mental health issues (or any mental health issues). The entire situation would need to be mimicked with similar types of people to get a clear view of whether men are simply better at leading and creating a society than women.

I’m sure we’ll get a chance to find out what’s going on with the Twilight of Adam on The Wilds Season 2, as long as it happens on Amazon Prime Video.

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What did you think of The Wilds Season 1? What questions do you have after the finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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