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Is The Winchesters set in an alternate universe?

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The Winchesters is destroying canon in Supernatural. Is it possible that this story is in an alternate universe?

We have heard the story of how John and Mary Winchester met. Dean is telling the story differently in The Winchesters. Is this destroying canon, or is it that the series is set in one of the alternate universes that we heard about in the later seasons of Supernatural*?

There is a lot to the story of John and Mary that’s changed so far. John shared that he and Mary bumped into each other (literally) outside of a movie theater. That led to coffee, dates, and them falling in love. Well, while they did bump into each other in the prequel series, it didn’t lead to the initial coffee date.

The two ended up seeing each other again when John came across a demon. John shouldn’t know anything about the supernatural at this point in the story, but it’s another bit of canon that’s been destroyed.

Then we have the fact that John has learned about the Men of Letters. He got a letter and key from his father, Henry, and it turns out that Millie knows all about the Men of Letters. The story went that Henry seemed to just disappear and was viewed as a deadbeat dad, but we learned he ended up dying in the future.

Is The Winchesters an alternate universe?

One of the easiest ways to explain the changes to canon is that the story is set in a different universe. We know that there are different universes, although they were all supposed to have collapsed before the end of the OG series. It is possible that this story is being told before the end of this universe.

Are we going to see what could have been had John known about demons and monsters? Will we get to see what could have happened if the Lawrence chapter of the Men of Letters was found earlier than Dean and Sam did?

Alternatively, we could find out that John didn’t tell his sons the truth. We know that John lied about a few things, but his lying about when he knew about demons doesn’t add up. He seems as surprised as everyone to learn that it was likely a demon that killed Mary. After all, demons aren’t all that common in the earlier years of Supernatural.

Another explanation is that this story is all in Dean’s head. Maybe he’s creating a story because he can’t get the truth from either of his deceased parents. He wants something, so he’s writing their story for them.

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How are you treating The Winchesters as a Supernatural fan? Have you put it in an alternate universe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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