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Is The Winchesters canceled (or renewed for Season 2)?

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The CW is making some final decisions for its shows. The Winchesters is one of those on the list, but is it good or bad news?

The Winchesters wrapped its first season with a clear explanation of why canon had changed so much. It was set in the world of Supernatural but with an alternate universe twist. It all made sense, and we were excited to see what could come next considering now nobody could complain about canon changing.

So, does The CW agree that this is a show that needs to continue? The decision has been made, but it doesn’t mean a fight has to be over.

The Winchesters canceled after one season

It’s bad news for the SPN Family once more. The series, which saw Jensen Ackles as an EP as well as return as Dean Winchesters, has been canceled after one season. It’s disappointing but not completely surprising news. As Deadline reminds us, The CW wasn’t planning on renewing a lot anyway.

This isn’t over, though. What’s dead definitely does not stay dead in the Supernatural universe. The series is being shopped around, and it turns out that is rather aggressively. Now all we need is the entire SPN Family to rally together to get the series saved

Where could it go? HBO Max would make the most sense. This is where the series already streams in the U.S., and like its predecessor Supernatural, The Winchesters is a Warner Bros. produced series. So, it makes sense to put it on a WarnerMedia platform.

Netflix is the other place that would make sense. It is the home of the parent series for the time being.

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The Winchesters* is available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on the CTV App in Canada.