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When will The Winchesters premiere on The CW?

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The CW has announced its fall schedule. Is The Winchesters on the list? What do we know about the Supernatural prequel series?

There was some shocking news when it came to CW shows canceled, but we did get good news about the Supernatural prequel spin-off. The series was picked up, so all we needed to know was whether it would premiere in the fall or not.

The CW usually brings a couple of new shows in the fall. Then there is usually at least one held for the midseason. Would The Winchesters be the series held for the midseason? If it is part of the fall schedule, will it take Supernatural‘s ($) former Thursday night timeslot?

The Winchesters will premiere in the fall on The CW

The CW fall 2022 schedule is out. It wasn’t all that surprising to see The Winchesters in that fall schedule, but it’s not going to be on Thursdays. Walker will remain on Thursdays, with Walker: Independence airing in the hour slot afterward.

Instead, The Winchesters will air on Tuesdays. The series will lead Tuesday nights instead of The Flash, which has held that timeslot for a long time! The prequel series will act as a lead-in for the acquired series Professionals starring Tom Welling and Brendan Fraser.

Gotham Knights is the new CW series that is held for the midseason. We don’t have a premiere date for the series just yet.

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What do you think of The CW’s fall schedule? What do you hope to see happen in The Winchesters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Winchesters will air on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.