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How did The Winchesters Season 1 finale fix canon changes?

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The Winchesters managed to fix the changes to Supernatural canon in the Season 1 finale. How did it manage it?

From the very beginning, it was clear that The Winchesters was changing canon already set up in its parent series. Mary Campbell and John Winchester never hunted together in the world of Supernatural, so how was The Winchesters could to explain the change?

It all happened in the end, and the explanations came with a couple of special cameos. Of course, Dean Winchester returned. How else would we get the explanations when it was his story all along?

Fixing Supernatural canon changes in The Winchesters

It turned out the Akrida Queen was a former hunter. When she turned against humankind, she was banished to another world. However, Chuck had her in his back pocket should he fail to destroy all the worlds that he created.

Dean wasn’t going to let that happen. After his death, he was able to visit the alternate worlds, and he found one where his family had a chance to have a normal, happy upbringing. He decided to make that happen by giving John Henry’s letter, informing John and Mary of the Men of Letters, and making sure they ended up on the path of destroying the Akrida Queen.

Dean told Bobby everything he planned. However, Jack was not happy about this. Dean told Jack that he was going through with it all because Sam deserved happiness. If that meant Dean couldn’t return to Heaven, then so be it. Of course, Jack had learned a lot from Dean over the last few years, so he let this happen.

The ending saw John and Mary leave town and start a life together. There’s a chance that they’ll get their happy ever after, especially since Dean gave Mary the Colt and warned her about Yellow-Eyes. With the two remembering everything, can they make better choices?

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What did you think of The Winchesters Season 1 finale? Did you guess how it changed Supernatural canon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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