Is The Witcher Season 3 happening?

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We haven’t even got to see the second season yet, but we already know there’s more in the works. The Witcher Season 3 is happening.

That’s right; you’ll be tossing more coins to your witcher. Despite The Witcher Season 2 not arriving until December 2021, we already know that there is going to be a third season. It’s great news since it means we can get into the second season without thinking too much about a potential cliffhanger ending.

The news came out during Netflix’s TADUM event on Saturday, Sept. 25. TVLine shared the news with the trailer for the second season, which you can also see below.

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When will The Witcher Season 3 come to Netflix?

Now that we know the third season is happening, all eyes are on when the season will arrive on Netflix. We’re looking at December 2022 being a potential date, keeping the series as one to look forward to around Christmas. It certainly suits the time of year with some of the settings in the series.

With the early renewal, there is the chance of it arriving a little earlier. It usually takes about 14 months between seasons but that is because it can take two months just to get a renewal. With the early renewal, the writing and filming can happen almost right away.

Some of this is now going to depend on the current IATSE strike. The members voted for a strike and it affects the editing process. Netflix will be caught up in this. Depending on how long the strike goes on for (there is a chance that negotiations can happen now that the members have been almost unanimous in their vote) we could see a delay in everything that is still in the post-production process.

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The Witcher Season 2 is coming on Dec. 17 on Netflix. Stay tuned for the latest updates about The Witcher Season 3.