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The Woman in the House ending explained: Was Anna the murderer?

Anna was sure she saw a murder, and she was sure the boyfriend did it. Who was the murderer in The Woman in the House?

The official title of the series is The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Woman in the Window. Wow! What a title, right? It is a somewhat spoof of the genre of movies that involve people watching things happen from inside their home while drinking alcohol while taking pills.

Anna is a grieving mother and ex-wife. She lost her daughter three years ago, and now she spends her time watching the world go by while drinking a bottle of red wine at a time. It’s important to note the alcohol intake, as that mixed with the prescription drugs she takes can lead to hallucinations.

Was Lisa even killed in The Woman in the House?

When a man and his daughter move into the house across the street, the story gets interesting. The man’s girlfriend is murdered. At least, that’s what Anna sees, but then it turns out that she was on a flight at the time of the murder. Well, that’s what she told her boyfriend.

Lisa wasn’t Lisa at all. She was Chastity and scamming the guy for money. We learn it all from her very hot male partner who wants answers from Anna about where Lisa is.

While the police didn’t believe that Lisa had been murdered, it soon turns out that she did see that murder happen. Lisa’s body turns up, along with a pallet knife that belongs to Anna.

Wait! Did Anna do it?

Who killed Lisa in the series?

Initially, we’re led to believe the boyfriend did it. After all, his wife had died in a drowning accident and then a teacher at his daughter’s school died while on a field trip he was on. It seemed suspicious.

Then Anna was arrested because of the pallet knife. She started to wonder if she had killed Lisa after all. Did she just forget it? As she started to remember stabbing someone with her pallet knife, she became more and more convinced she did it.

She rang her therapist, who happened to be her ex-husband, about it. Douglas knew Anna couldn’t have done it. She’s not a killer. After some investigating in the attic, she realized it was a painting of Lisa Anna had done that she stabbed. But she also realized that someone was living in her house.

Who? Only her handyman, who turned out to be a former psych patient Douglas hired. Anna feared that her handyman was now the killer, especially when she saw him go across the street with a hammer. He wasn’t. By the time Anna got across the street, the handyman had been stabbed in the neck. So had the new owner of the house.

It was the child the whole time. The daughter had killed her mother, then her teacher, and then Lisa, the handyman, and her dad. She was going to pin it all on Anna, but Douglas walked into the house in time to see everything happen as Anna stabbed the child with a piece of the crockery dish. Anna was able to prove she was innocent, and there were a few people who needed to apologize to her.

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Where does Glenn Close come into this?

You may have heard that Glenn Close had a surprise appearance in The Woman in the House. This was at the very end.

Anna is on a plane to New York to see her best friend who moved there. Glenn Close’s character sits down and then later into the flight—after at least three vodkas—Anna wakes up to find the character has gone. When she goes to the toilet, Glenn Close’s character has been murdered in there.

By the time Anna gets a flight attendant, the body is gone. It turns out there was nobody sat next to her. However, Anna finds the compact mirror the character had used at the start of the flight. There’s a new mystery for Anna to figure out.

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The Woman in the House is available to stream on Netflix.