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Them: Covenant ending explained: What happened to the Emory family?

Them: Covenant told a harrowing tale of racism, supernatural forces, and grief. What did happen to the Emory family in the end?

The series starts with Lucky in her home in North Carolina. It’s before the family moves to Compton, and we get to see that she has a son. A woman wants her son, and it’s clear that this woman is a threat. It would be Episode 5 that we’d finally learn what happened to the son. We just knew up to that episode that the family had gone from five to four.

Episode 5 is horrifying, by the way. If you struggle with violence, especially violence against children, there are moments in the episode that you will want to skip over. Skip over everything that takes place in North Carolina.

Back to Them: Convenant‘s ending. We now know that one member died before moving to Compton, but what happened to the other members?

How Them: Covenant ended for the Emory family

Throughout the series, we watched as the Emory family suffered from supernatural visits. Lucky kept seeing a man with a tall black hat, Gracie kept seeing Mrs. Vera, Ruby say zombie cheerleaders, and Henry kept seeing the Tap Dancing Man.

All of them suffered from the neighbors’ racist acts. At one point, they were about to leave home when Henry found the box Lucky brought with her. It housed the remains of their child, leading to Lucky being sent to an asylum. Fortunately, she managed to keep her wits about her and managed to escape.

When she got home, her children were all starting to succumb to the evil working against them. Only Lucky had the ability to fight back against her force. He didn’t understand why, but it could be that Lucky suffered trauma and grief before she moved to Compton. Yes, the others had suffered grief too, but Lucky lived with the physical memories of everything that happened to her son.

Was that enough to fight against the dark power? It certainly seemed so. The moment she accepted she lost her son, she overpowered the man completely and managed to save her family from their supernatural infestations.

When they got back outside, the entire neighborhood and two police officers were there waiting for them. They all blamed the Emory family for Betty’s disappearance (because of the milk man) and it was clear the family might not make it out alive. However, the show ended with that cliffhanger.

And this is an anthology series!

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