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Is [Spoiler] dead in The Rookie Season 5 finale?

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The Rookie Season 5 finale did not hold back. Lives were put on the line. Did all characters make it out alive at the end of the episode?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for The Rookie Season 5 finale.

Lives were immediately put on the line in The Rookie Season 5 finale. Thorsen and Juarez were attacked by masked men, and it left Thorsen fighting for his life throughout the episode. He needed surgery, but would he end up dying on the table?

What happened to Thorsen in The Rookie Season 5 finale?

The episode certainly left us concerned. We didn’t get any final answers for the rookie cop, who has had some brilliant character development since his introduction in Season 4.

He managed to survive the surgery, but he coded at the very end of the episode. We now go into the summer without knowing if Thorsen will make it or not. All that is good about this is that we will eventually get some answers. Season 6 is officially happening.

There are no signs that Tru Valentino is planning on leaving the series. He is a series regular and there is nothing to say that he is being demoted. However, that was the case for Titus Makin Jr. as well. He played Jackson West in the series and was abruptly killed off in the Season 4 premiere. In fact, the death was done with a stand-in as Makin didn’t return to the show after Season 3.

So, it does mean that we could see Valentino leave, but I doubt the series would do something like that again. Instead, we’ll likely see Thorsen return, allowing for some writing about trauma and PTSD recovery.

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