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Who is Tie-Dye Guy on Only Murders in the Building?

Tie-Dye Guy has been Charles’s main suspect from the beginning of Only Murders in the Building. We got to know who he is in Episode 5.

At four episodes in, we weren’t that much closer to figuring out who murdered Tim Kono. All we knew was that it wasn’t Sting. At the end of the episode, we saw Tie-Dye Guy following Mabel. Was it possible that Charles’s hunch was right?

We finally got Tie-Dye Guy’s identity during Episode 5. It didn’t take long, and yes, Mabel knew she was being followed. It turned out the guy in the tie-dye hoodie was the fourth member of their Hardy Boys club. Oscar is out of jail, and he came to see Mabel.

Mabel wasn’t the only member of the group he went to see. Yes, he did go up stairs to see Tim Kono. Did he murder him?

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Tie-Dye Guy is not the murderer on Only Murders in the Building

It turns out Oscar is another red herring. He went to see Tim on the night of the alarm, but he wasn’t the one to shoot Tim. Oscar got to the door not really knowing what he was going to do. All he knew was that he wouldn’t kill his former friend.

As he got to the door, Oscar heard the gunshot that killed Tim. Oscar wasn’t sticking around, especially considering he’d just got out of jail! So, he took off and caught up with Mabel a week later.

However, Oscar returning has helped Charles, Oliver, and Mabel get another lead in the case. If it wasn’t for Oscar, Mabel would have gone to the jewelry company instead of her tattooist cousin, Tavo. It turns out Tim thought someone was going to kill him, and it’s all linked to Tim trying to take down some black market jeweler called Angel.

We have another suspect on our list. Who is Angel and is Angel the reason Tim is dead on Only Murders in the Building?

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What did you think of Oscar’s reveal? Who do you think killed Tim Kono? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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