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Timeless star is travelling through time once again in Doctor Who

Fans of Timeless should set some time aside for tonight’s new episode of Doctor Who as one of the time team is once again travelling in time.

Timeless may be over, something I have still not come to terms with, but the time team itself lives on. All of the stars have moved on to various different projects, however it looks as though Goran Visnjic just can’t stay away from time travel as he is about to make an appearance in Doctor Who.

The actor, who appeared as Garcia Flynn in the NBC series, will appear as Nikola Tesla in the BBC America sci-fi series. Which will air tonight, Sunday, January 19, 2020.


Timeless – Season 01

It’s either a freaky coincidence that Goran Visnjic is once again appearing in a time travel series, or Visnjic is just on the hunt for them to relive the good olde Timeless days. Whatever the reason is, it’s great to see him back on our screens because quite honesty, he is an amazing actor.

Visnjic appearance in Doctor Who will only be for tonight. It is a guest star role in the episode “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror.”

The episode will see the Doctor and her companions travel to 1903 where they will aide Nikola Tesla in finding out what has gone wrong with his generator plant.


Timeless – Season 02

BBC America has dropped both an official synopsis and promo. Check them both out for yourself just below:

The year is 1903; on the edge of Niagara Falls, Nikola Tesla’s generator plant is behaving strangely; something is sabotaging the maverick inventor’s work.

It’s really exciting as a Timeless fan to see Flynn, I mean Visnjic, playing this role. If you want to watch the episode for yourself live. Then visit the how to watch Doctor Who live online right here.

What do you think of the idea of a Timeless alumna starring in Doctor Who? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.


Timeless – Season 02 Finale

Image Credit: Goran Visnjic as Nikola Tesla – Doctor Who _ Season 12, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America