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Titans: Has DC Universe canceled or renewed for Season 3?

DC Universe has made a decision on the future of Titans. Has the show been canceled or renewed for a third season? It’s good news, guys!

Titans may have initially gained some criticism for how dark it was and some of the changes to characters, but it quickly proved why it was the flagship series on the DC Universe. The second season continues to prove why it deserves its rightful place, so it’s not all that surprising to find out that Titans Season 3 is officially happening.

DC Universe has made the decision ahead of the penultimate episode of the season. On Friday, the show will air its 11th episode and then the finale will air the following week. Fans are certainly intrigued about how this season will come to an end. More importantly, it will be time for those of us north of the border to finally get the series on Netflix Canada.

The big question now is whether Titans Season 3 will remain solely on DC Universe in the United States. When Doom Patrol was renewed for Season 2, WarnerMedia announced that it would air on both DC Universe and HBO Max. We did wonder what that would mean for the DC streaming service.

Deadline reported the news of the Titans renewal but made no mention of any changes to where it would air. There are no signs that it is heading to HBO Max, suggesting that it will remain an exclusive show on the DC site. It makes sense to keep some content exclusive to encourage people to sign up to both services.

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DC Universe is also a great home for deep diving into the world of DC. It’s more than just a streaming platform, but a place to get comics, character breakdowns, and much more. It will also be the home of the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series, which doesn’t have a release date and doesn’t seem to be heading to HBO Max at all.

What do you think of Titans? Are you excited for a third season? Let us know in the comments below.

Titans Season 2 currently airs Fridays on DC Universe.