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When will Titans Season 2 come out?

With Titans offically airing its Season 1 finale shortly before Christmas on the DC Universe streaming platform, everybody’s wondering when will Titans Season 2 come out?

If you have watched the Season 1 finale of Titans then you are probably like me. Wondering when will Titans Season 2 come out? Without delving into too many details for those of you who are still to get caught up with the series. The finale ending with a textbook cliffhanger. Not the kind where you wonder who dies and who didn’t. But ended with us wondering if there is any hope for anyone in the show come the next season.

Titans Season 2 has already been confirmed. It was renewed for its second season prior to it airing its very first episode. Showing just how much faith the DC Universe has in its streaming platform. However, despite the show being renewed for a second season. It is not precisely known when Titans Season 2 will come out.

It is widely expected to arrive in 2019. With the expectation for production to begin around February 2019. With the aim for Season 2 to premiere towards the end of the year. Perhaps around the same time as when Titans Season 1 premiered. A broadcast schedule for the year has been released by the DC Universe streaming platform showcasing their plans for original content, but it does help in trying to figure out when Titans Season 2 will come out.

Titans Season 2
Image Credit: Acquired via DC Universe

When the show does come back it will be interesting to see where things go. Again, I won’t go into details about the finale for those of you still need to get caught up. But, there are reports of the initial storyline changing. What was initially going to be the finale was changed, and it has now become part of the Season 2 premiere.

Are you looking forward to Titans Season 2? What do you think might happen following the Season 1 finale? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.