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Did Tom kiss Claire in the Outlander books?

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One of the big talking points of Outlander Season 7, Episode 4 has been Tom Christie kissing Claire. Did this happen in the books?

If you felt like Tom Christie kissing Claire was out of character for him, you are not alone. A lot of fans of the series have questioned whether this was something that happened in the books. Even those who have read the books wondered if it was there. After all, there’s so much that happens in the books, that it’s easy to forget some of the details.

The show has been known to add in its own thing now and then. Sometimes its own thing really works, but other times, it doesn’t. It depends on how much of a loyalist you are to the books. What about this moment, though?

Tom kisses Claire in the Outlander books

Yes, this is something that happens in the books. Off the top of my head, it’s in An Echo in the Bone*. Claire and Jamie are on their way to Scotland with Young Ian when they come across Tom. The scene happens very much the way it does in the show, with Claire being on her own getting supplies when she bumps into a very much alive Tom Christie.

She had believed that Tom was dead up to this point. He confessed to murder, and that was surely going to end up being a hanging offence. However, just like in the show, the governor needed a secretary and Tom could read and write. With the Revolutionary War, Tom was able to go off as a free man.

Tom believes that Claire and Jamie died in the fire that he heard about. He put the obituary in the paper as a mark of respect. However, he’s so shocked to see her alive that he kisses her.

It is a hilarious moment, and one that comes straight from the books.

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What did you think of Tom kissing Claire in Outlander? Did you remember the passage from the book right away? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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