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Is Truth Be Told canceled or renewed for Season 4?

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Broadcast networks aren’t the only ones making renewal and cancellation decisions. Truth Be Told‘s future has been decided by Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ is making some decisions about the future of its shows. The news lately hasn’t been all that good, but would Truth Be Told be able to buck the trend?

The Octavia Spencer series follows Poppy Scoville, a woman with a true crime podcast determined to find the truth in various murders and events. In the most recent season, which came to an end on Friday, March 24, Poppy helped to keep the names of Black victims in the media, something that America has a huge problem with.

Is Truth Be Told Season 4 happening at Apple TV+?

We now know if there’s going to be another case for Poppy to solve. TVLine brought us the bad news that Truth Be Told Season 4 is not going to happen.

If you saw how little promotion the season got from Apple, that probably isn’t that surprising. While the first two seasons were everywhere, the streamer stepped back on the promotion of this third season. It is a shame when that happens, and often leads to shows guaranteed being canceled.

The good thing about the third season is that Poppy wrapped the case. That’s been the case with the other two seasons. These are standalone storylines, which makes a cancellation a little easier to deal with. However, there are some personal storylines that we would have loved to see developed more, and that’s not going to happen now.

This is not the only recent cancellation from Apple. Dear Edward was recently canceled by the network, and we know Servant and See both aired their series finales within the last six months. It looks like Apple TV+ is looking to make room for fresh content.

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Truth Be Told is available to stream on Apple TV+*.