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Did TB Karen once take the pills on American Horror Story Season 10?

If you didn’t realize Sarah Paulson was TB Karen at first, you’re not alone. There’s clearly a backstory there on American Horror Story Season 10. Does it have something to do with the pills?

Nobody wants to be around TB Karen. She says that people think she’s infectious, but Mickey ignores that to give her a place to stay. He also likes her as a potential friend, buying all her artwork from stores.

It’s clear TB Karen knows everything that’s happening. She knows all about the pills, and knows about the bloodsucking writers in town. She warned Harry to get away, but knows he’s now taken the pills and is becoming one of the creatures in the night.

However, is it possible that she knows all about the pills because she once took them too? Did she decide to stop taking them, unable to face what it meant she had to do?

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TB Karen is a talented artist on American Horror Story Season 10

It’s clear that Karen has (or at least, had) some sort of talent. Mickey showed all the paintings he bought, and they were all good. He doesn’t have anywhere to put them, but he buys her art to support her. There’s this sense that he wants her to do great things.

Karen said that she didn’t know what happened to her art. She just thought it was thrown away. This was something done years in the past that she pretty much forgot about.

However, it all hints that Karen knows a lot more about the pills because it’s all personal. Just look at her skin and eyebrows. She looks almost similar to the creatures that roam the streets. We learned those creatures are the ones that took the pills but had no talent. They became shells of their former selves, bloodsucking fiends that are lost.

We also know that it is possible for people to stop taking the pills but they go through withdrawals. Austin mentioned that when he saw Harry toward the end of the second episode of American Horror Story Season 10. Is it possible that the withdrawals lead to someone still having some of their humanity and soul but they start to transform into the creatures?

Could we see Karen decide to take the pills to do more of her artwork now that she sees Mickey has bought it? Or will she avoid that knowing that it means she becomes some sort of vampire?

Karen is certainly one of the more interesting characters on American Horror Story Season 10. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get the backstory.

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What do you think happened to Karen on American Horror Story Season 10? Why does she know so much about the pills? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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