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What type of dog is Tank on FBI: International?

The best character on FBI: International has to be Tank. Just what type of dog is Tank? That’s what we all now want to know.

Tank the dog is played by Green on FBI: International. He was quickly introduced in the pilot episode, and Forrester made it clear that the two have a bond nobody can break. There’s clearly a backstory there that we need to get throughout the new FBI series.

We knew Tank was going to be part of the show from the beginning. Showrunner Derek Haas wanted to have the dog included after seeing how dogs can be used with teams around the world. Plus, who doesn’t love a dog as a team member on a TV series? Look at how we’ve taken to Cerberus (and Pepper) on SEAL Team!

Tank isn’t the typical German Shepherd, though. It’s led to a lot of questions about the type of dog he is.

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What type of dog is Tank on FBI: International?

Tank is described as a “schutzhund” in the CBS press release for the series. However, this isn’t the breed of dog. This is just the German name for “protection dog.” After all, that’s what Tank is.

Tank is a giant schnauzer. This is a breed commonly used in Europe with law enforcement due to the natural intelligence and protective nature. This breed is extremely obedient and will protect at all costs.

Now we just have one request when it comes to Tank: protect him at all costs. There is no way we can face the loss of this character. Do whatever you want to the humans, but never hurt the animals!

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What do you think of the inclusion of Tank? What do you think the story between Forrester and Tank is on FBI: International? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

FBI: international airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS in the U.S. and on Global TV in Canada.