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Did Uhtred get Bebbenburg back in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

For five seasons, we’ve waited for Uhtred to get his birthright back. Would that happen in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

From the very beginning of the series, Uhtred has had one aim. All he’s wanted is to get Bebbenburg back. There was a chance in Season 4, but it ended in devastation when Beocca was killed on the grounds. Uhtred had to escape with those he could, but he vowed to return.

That time finally came in The Last Kingdom Season 5. This time he even had the support of King Edward. It did help that Uhtred’s cousin Wihtgar had joined with the Scottish king to take on Edward and gain Northumbria. Edward didn’t want that to happen, especially when Mercia, Pyrlig, and Aelswith all sided with Uhtred in the discussions.

Would Uhtred succeed this time? Would the series end with him getting his birthright back?

Uhtred became the Lord of Bebbenburg in The Last Kingdom Season 5

The finale ended with some cheers. Uhtred killed Wihtgar and gained Bebbenburg back. However, it looked like it would be just to end up with ruins.

Fires had broken out around the castle. Those fires weren’t going to be easy to put out, and Uhtred decided that he would stay. It would be his destiny to die at Bebbenburg.

Well, the gods had other ideas. After two claps of thunder, the rain came down. It was strong enough to put out all the flames, meaning that Bebbenburg would remain standing and Uhtred would become lord.

It did come with a deal with the Scottish king. Uhtred promised to remain neutral, which was not something Edward wanted. It’s clear from this and the fact that the Scots are still planning on invading that the movie will cover Uhtred’s decision.

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