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What happened to Uhtred’s children in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

Brida went after Uhtred’s children in The Last Kingdom Season 5. What happened to them in the end? Did they all make it back home?

There was one big question going into The Last Kingdom Season 5. Would the show finally cover what had happened to Uhtred’s youngest son? There were some hints during the season, but it wasn’t until the very end that we got confirmation.

However, it wasn’t just about the youngest son as we got into the season. Brida went after Young Uhtred and Stiorra. Would Uhtred be able to protect them? Would they face the same fates as in the books?

Young Uhtred is mutilated in The Last Kingdom Season 5

We start with the eldest of his three children from Gisela. After all, Young Uhtred isn’t the eldest of Uhtred’s children. He did have one with Midreth who died as a baby.

Young Uhtred turned up at the end of the Season 5 premiere with a bloody crotch area. It turned out that Brida has castrated him. Uhtred was devastated for his son, noting that it now made him no longer a man. However, Young Uhtred was clearly a man of his faith. He had been raised Christian, and was going to be a priest. He was ready to forgive Brida for everything.

While he was at Bebbenburg at the end, it wasn’t to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was still there as a priest, but we did get to see him with his father at what would become home.

Stiorra has to make a choice in The Last Kingdom

Meanwhile, Stiorra had become the Queen of Eofwic by the fifth season. She had married Sigtryggr, and the two had gained a loyal following. However, Sigtryggr had allowed priests to come in to convert some of the Danes, and that was something Stiorra wasn’t happy about.

After Brida’s attack, Stiorra and Sigtryggr tried to find peace again. Aethelhelm’s actions led to Sigtryggr attacking, and that led to his death. Stiorra couldn’t forgive Edward for his decisions, and she struggled to forgive Uhtred for being the one to execute Sigtryggr.

Stiorra decided to take her Danes to the forests. When it came to the big battle at Bebbenburg, Aeslwith rode out to ask Stiorra for help. Uhtred saw Stiorra come to assess the battle and then ride away. It was a lost cause.

Uhtred was able to convince Stiorra to think again. He is Saxon and Dane. He was asking them to fight for him and to gain a place for them. He would make sure they had homes in Bebbenburg.

Stiorra decided to fight for Bebbenburg. It worked out in their favor, and Stiorra was there to reunite with her father and brother at the end.

The youngest son appears

At the end of the series finale, we see Hild walking across the beach with a young man called Osbert. There had been hints throughout the season that Uhtred knew what had happened to his son. He knew Hild had hidden him away from Alfred to protect him.

Now we get to see Hild bring Osbert back to Uhtred. The danger is over, and it’s time for Osbert to take his place in his father’s home.

I’d love to see that reunion actually play out in the movie that’s still to come.

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What did you think of The Last Kingdom Season 5? Were you happy to see how things played out for Uhtred’s children? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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