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Did Uhtred die in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die?

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With The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die being the wrap-up movie, we knew that any character could live or die. That included Uhtred. Did Uhtred die on the battlefield during the movie?

When it comes to a popular TV show, it’s unlikely that the main characters will be killed off. At least, the main character. After all, this was Uhtred’s story, so there was no way that the show could kill off this character early on.

When it came to the movie, anything was possible. Everyone could die, and at one point, it looked like Uhtred would be killed. He was banished and left for dead at around the halfway point. What happened in the end, though?

Did Uhtred die in battle in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die?

Uhtred survived banishment thanks to a group of Danes. He was taken to the Scottish Kings, who all wanted Aethelstan dead. They relied on Uhtred being angry at Aethelstan enough to want him dead. What they didn’t count on was that he understood Aethelstan had been misguided due to love.

Uhtred went to Aethelstan to tell him about the spy for the Danes. Eventually, Aethelstan had to believe him, and that led to the big battle at the end. A battle that saw Pyrlig stabbed early on. Don’t worry; he survived!

What about Uhtred, though? He was stabbed multiple times and he collapsed on the battlefield with his sword (which he got back) in hand. It looked like he was dead.

Finan and Sihtric found him and got him back to Bebbanburg. He was restored by the end of the movie, but it was clear not for long. As he convinced Aethelstan not to take a wife and have children to allow his half-brother Edmund to take the crown and unite England, he heard cheers and voices in the room next to him.

As he opened the door, we saw Brida and others who had died before Uhtred. They were enjoying the feasts with the gods in Valhalla, suggesting that Uhtred died at the end of The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die and went to Valhalla to join those he mourned.

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