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Did Uhtred’s youngest son turn up in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

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Throughout The Last Kingdom Season 4, we wondered what happened to Uhtred’s youngest son. Did we get answers in Season 5?

When we watched The Last Kingdom Season 4, there was one big question: what happened to Uhtred’s third son. We knew his baby with Midreth died young. Then we saw his first two children with Gisela all grown up. There was never once a mention of his third son, the child Gisela died in childbirth having. We didn’t even have Hild tell Uhtred just one line about where the young boy was, and Uhtred never seemed all that bothered about finding out.

It did make us wonder whether there’d been a continuity error. Eventually, we learned the reason behind not including him. So, we had to wait to see if he’d be remembered in The Last Kingdom Season 5.

Brida didn’t go after Uhtred’s youngest son in The Last Kingdom Season 5

When Brida went after Uhtred’s children, she only went after Young Uhtred and Stiorra. She didn’t once mention the third living child. Uhtred didn’t even worry about him. Did that mean the show had made a mistake again? Was this boy never going to turn up?

We had to wait until the series finale. After Uhtred finally got Bebbenburg back, we saw Hild walking on the beach with a young boy. This boy asked Hild where they were going and why. Well, he’s wanted to know about his family and Hild is taking him to someone who can tell him.

It’s clear that Hild had managed to protect Uhtred’s young son, Osbert. He was in an abbey hidden. Yes, this means another son has been raised Christian, but at least the boy was safe from all harm. And now it’s time for him to be reunited with his family.

It is a shame that we didn’t see a reunion between father and son. However, there is a chance for this in the upcoming movie. And maybe after so much time and everything that has happened, Uhtred can move past the pain of losing Gisela and accept his youngest son.

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