When will Netflix bring us V-Wars Season 2?

V-Wars has finally brought its first season and we were instantly hooked. Now we need more. When will V-Wars Season 2 head to Netflix?

Netflix dropped the first season of V-Wars on Dec. 5. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started to binge-watch your way through it or you know you’ll have it finished by the end of the weekend. Now all eyes are on the future of the Ian Somerhalder vampire series.

There will be no spoilers for the series in this post. The information I’m sharing is everything you can get from the promo released last month. I haven’t reached the end just yet (I’m not that good!) so I don’t know what sort of cliffhanger we’re left with or questions we have for V-Wars season 2. All I know is that we need a second season.

Is V-Wars renewed for Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed Season 2 just yet. That’s not all that surprising. The series literally dropped a day ago, so we’re not expecting a renewal confirmation to come until the new year. If the fans have gobbled up the episodes quickly enough, there is a slim chance we’ll hear between Christmas and New Year. It would be a lovely Christmas gift!

Until then, we can just assume that the series will be picked up for a second season. Unless the series did absolutely nothing, I can’t see Netflix canceling this show. Most Originals land a second season. It’s after that point where we need to worry.

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When will Season 2 come to Netflix?

So, when can we expect V-Wars Season 2? This will partially depend on when the renewal happens. If it’s right away within the next month, we could see the second season as early as December 2020. Most Netflix Originals take 12 to 14 months to bring the next season, so if not by December next year then we’re looking at February 2021.

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Should the renewal happen later into 2020, then we’re looking at a delay. However, I don’t think Netflix will have any reason not to renew this series quickly.

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