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V-Wars is not returning to Netflix for Season 2

Netflix has made some big decisions about some freshman TV shows. V-Wars is on the list of shows not landing a second season in 2020.

It’s bad news for a couple of Netflix freshman dramas. One of those is V-Wars, the Ian Somerhalder vampire series.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the news about the V-Wars cancellation, which came just hours after learning Locke and Key was renewed for a second season.

In a way, the cancellation wasn’t all that surprising based on timing. Most Netflix renewals happen within a month of a season being released. We did fear the worst about Locke and Key, but the renewal decisions would have happened as productions were shutting down for the coronavirus. V-Wars was released in December 2019, so by the end of February, it was pretty clear there wasn’t going to be a second season.

And it’s a shame. V-Wars wasn’t just a vampire series. It was more about the world today. The focus was on a vampire pathogen released due to “rampant glacial deterioration.” The spread leads to war, fear, and racism.

However, maybe it was too close to home for some.

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What was V-Wars about?

The series begins with the accidental release of a vampire virus. However, it’s soon clear that some people have natural antibodies to the virus and others can’t control what they become. The vampires are viewed as monsters and a danger to society, even though they want to live like everyone else.

The situation quickly turns dangerous. People act against their neighbors and loved ones out of fear and distrust. Society becomes fractured into two camps: human and vampire.

Why was the series canceled?

Of course, fans want to know why the series was canceled after just one season. This is likely due to viewership. While Netflix doesn’t release viewer numbers, the decisions to cancel a series are usually based on not enough people watching all the way through within the first week based on the cost to develop the series. While Netflix can give a month, most people are going to binge-watch in a weekend if they love it.

If viewership drops during the season, Netflix has to decide on the chances of fans tuning back in for a second season. Too much of a percentage loss will not give Netflix much hope.

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What did you think of V-Wars? Did you want a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

V-Wars Season 1 is on Netflix now.