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Why did Vought give Soldier Boy to the Russians in The Boys?

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Soldier Boy realized that Black Noir would only do things on Vought’s orders in The Boys. That meant Vought organized for the Russians to take Soldier Boys, but why would something like that happen?

After getting away from the Russians, Soldier Boy went on a mission of revenge. He knew Crimson Countess was involved in him being taken, but she didn’t work alone. The whole of Payback was in on it, and that included Black Noir. One thing Soldier Boy said was that Black Noir wouldn’t work without Vought’s say-so.

That meant Vought wanted Soldier Boy gone. Why would that happen? He was America’s hero at the time. Mindstorm was the target during the new episode, and he had all the answers Soldier Boy needed. It turned out that there was a link to Homelander.

Who is Soldier Boy to Homelander in The Boys?

We found out at the end of The Boys Season 3, Episode 7* that there is a connection between the two leaders of their respective teams. What is that connection? It’s all about biology.

Mindstorm shared the details. It turns out that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s son. This shocked Soldier Boy but not too much. He made it clear that Vought asked him to give them a sperm sample and so he did. That led to the creation of Homelander.

Vought wanted Homelander to become the biggest American hero. For that to happen, Vought needed to get rid of Soldier Boy. There was always the threat that Soldier Boy wouldn’t let Homelander take over as the leader. As Soldier Boy says at the end, wouldn’t a father want what’s best for his son?

What does this mean for the deal between Soldier Boy and Butcher? That deal was already iffy thanks to Hughie going back on the deal and Soldier Boy leading Butcher trapped in a nightmare. However, there is still some sort of uneasy alliance between the two. How long is that going to last? Will Soldier Boy want to protect Homelander now he’s found out he’s Homelander’s father?

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What do you think will happen between Homelander and Soldier Boy? Did you see that twist coming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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