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Is Walker Independence a little too predictable right now?

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Walker Independence has only aired its second season, but things are playing out a little too predictable. Will there be a twist to come?

We are two episodes into Walker Independence. So far, we’ve met the main players, and the sheriff has done what we expected. With the threat of being exposed as the killer, he’s brought back Liam Collins’s body and shared he’s on a manhunt for the “real” killer. He’s even managed to make it look like someone else killed Liam and the hunt is over.

Of course, Abby knows her husband’s killer is on the loose. Yet, for the new sheriff to be the murderer just seems to be too obvious.

Will there be a twist in Walker Independence?

There is a chance that we could see a twist. We know that Liam seemed to have some sort of secret. Abby asked him on the journey what he was keeping from her, but he brushed it off with a romantic statement. There has to be something that he was hiding from her.

This could be something Kate ends up looking into. She’s investigating Liam’s life back East, which could lead to getting to the bottom of this secret. Is it possible that there’s something in his life back in Boston that connects to someone else in Independence? Could the sheriff actually be an innocent player in all this?

Is it even possible that the new sheriff is a potential next target? Did Liam and Tom work together on something that now has other people after them both?

This could be wishful thinking. Right now, Walker Independence just seems a little too obvious, and I’d love to see a twist happen.

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What do you think of Walker Independence so far? Who do you think really killed Liam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Walker Independence airs Thursdays on The CW in the U.S. and on W Network in Canada.