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Walker prequel pilot ordered at The CW

If you were hoping for more from the world of Walker, there is some hope. A Walker prequel pilot has been ordered by The CW.

We’re going to start this with the preface that this does not mean a series has been ordered. Just like with the Supernatural prequel spinoff, so far, it’s only a pilot. This means just one episode that is for the network execs. If there is an interesting story there that the execs think will resonate with the audience, then the series will be ordered.

However, getting a pilot ordered is often just the first part of the battle. There are a lot of shows that are put on networks’ desks and don’t even get a pilot.

We’ll likely hear about whether the pilot has been picked up to series or not by May 2022.

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What is the Walker prequel about?

The Walker prequel spinoff is titled Walker: Independence. TVLine has a few details about the series, which will be EP’d by Jared Padalecki. The pilot was co-written by the Walker showrunner Anna Fricke and the co-EP Seamus Fahey.

The series is set in the late-1800s. It will follow Abby Walker, who travels from Boston to Texas in the search for her husband’s killer. On the way, she meets a “rogue with a purpose” called Hoyt Rawlings. The two head to Independence, Texas together, where they come across a town that isn’t what it initially seems.

You’ll recognize the names. They are names connected to characters in the main series, and it’s clear to see that this has to develop into some sort of bloodline in Texas for the characters we know today.

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What do you hope to see from the Walker prequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Walker airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.