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Walker prequel spin-off in the works at The CW

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Are you ready for more from the world of Walker? Of course you are, and there’s great news. A Walker prequel spin-off is in the works with Jared Padalecki as executive producer.

It’s important to note that this is only at the beginning stages. We don’t officially have a Walker spin-off coming, but The CW is interested in growing the world and is looking into the possibility of adding another show. Whether it gets picked up to series or not will be decided later, possibly in May 2022.

But there are high hopes about this one. The series has already proven to be a success for the network, and there’s no doubt that The CW will want to continue it if a spin-off works.

The planned spin-off isn’t going to be set in the world with the current characters. Deadline reports that it will be a Walker prequel series, and we’re not talking about Abeline and Bonham Walker while their sons were young.

When will the Walker prequel be set?

We’re heading back to the late 1800s for this prequel series. The show will follow Abby Walker, the wife of a murdered man in Boston. She wants to get answers about her husband’s death. More importantly, she wants revenge.

And so, she head out West. Her journey leads to her coming across the lovable rogue Hoyt Rawlings. The two end up forming a bond and meet some interesting people when they reach Independence, Texas. It’s the name of the city that will be used in the Walker prequel title: Walker: Independence.

The series will see Abby and Hoyt figure out a changing world. They’ll need to change with it if they want to succeed in their plans.

Are they both ancestors of the Walker and Rawlings family that we’ve already come to know? Nothing confirms that, but it would be crazy if they weren’t when it’s set in the world of the Walker universe, right?

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Will Jared Padalecki star in the Walker prequel?

Spin-off shows don’t tend to include the main characters of the parent shows all that often, but they can appear to help set up the story. Is that going to be the case with this show?

Well, it’s a prequel series set in the late 1800s. That’s going to be a little impossible to bring the Cordell Walker that we’ve come to know and love. That doesn’t mean Padalecki can’t show up.

If the characters from the 1800s are ancestors of the characters we’ve already come to know, there is a way to add Padalecki and others in. Could we have former Walker family members with an extremely close resemblance to their ancestors? Finding an old photo could be the way to get everything started.

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