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WandaVision: Who is really in control of the fantasy world?

Up to this point on WandaVision, it looked like Wanda was the one in control. Even Monica thinks that Wanda is the one controlling everything.

After all, we’ve seen Wanda reverse time and we even watched her come out of the universe to warn everyone at S.W.O.R.D. to leave her and Vision alone. She wants a happy family, and that’s what she is getting right now.

But what if it’s not all Wanda’s doing? The latest episode ended with a huge reveal that even Wanda looked shocked about seeing. It suggests that she’s not in control after all.

Is Wanda controlling some of it, at least?

It looks like Wanda has some sort of control over the situation. She’s the one that stole Vision’s body and has seemed to bring him back from the dead. It’s not like she doesn’t know that there is a world outside.

However, it doesn’t look like she fully realizes that everything is being aired as a sitcom. I’d be curious if she even knew about most of the sitcoms that she is finding herself in considering her upbringing. So, it suggests that someone else may be in charge of the sitcom element. All Wanda wants to do is protect her world with Vision from the outside.

Wanda wasn’t expecting the doorbell to ring when she and Vision were arguing. Nor was she expecting to see the person on the other side.

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WandaVision brings a character back from the dead…sort of

MCU and X-men fans have finally got the crossover they asked for, but not quite in the way they probably asked for it. Evan Peters turned up, who we know as Quicksilver in the X-men movies that are set in the past.

We also know another Quicksilver. Wanda’s brother, Pietro, is known as Quicksilver due to his speed. Bringing Evan Peters in as Pietro (she recast her brother?) is a little nod to those wanting crossovers.

It, more importantly, raises a lot of questions about who is in control. Wanda was shocked to see Pietro there, and she didn’t seem all that surprised that he was played by someone else.

So, who is controlling some of this?

The biggest theory is Agnes. After all, she seemed to forget her lines during WandaVision Episode 5, asking Wanda if she should take it from the top. If someone else showed signs that they weren’t fully emersed into the sitcom, they’d likely be ejected from the universe like Monica was. It suggests that Agnes has a little more power than Wanda does.

Agnes also silenced Herb from speaking in Episode 3. It’s like she knows that this isn’t the real world, but she wants to play along. Why would that be?

Another theory is Dottie. We just haven’t got to know her well enough just yet for that.

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Who do you think is creating the full sitcom world on WandaVision? Let us know in the comments below.

WandaVision airs Fridays on Disney Plus.