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WandaVision’s finale had one major flaw when it comes to accountability

The WandaVision finale was good, but it certainly wasn’t perfect. There was an important message about accountability overlooked.

The 50-minute WandaVision finale certainly had a lot of ground to cover. Not only did the writers need to deal with Agatha, but they also needed to deal with getting Wanda’s world back to normal. So, of course something was going to slip through the cracks. It could never be a perfect finale.

Nor did I really want it to be perfect. I don’t mind flaws. After all, we all had our own theories and expectations, and nothing was going to match up to what we had in our heads. That’s okay! I enjoy a show for what the writers try to tell.

But there was one thing that stood out that I am disappointed about. It all comes down to accountability.

At the end, Wanda made a sacrifice. She returned the town back to what it used to be, releasing all the people from the town so they could go back to their own lives. That sacrifice was losing Vision and the twins, grieving the loss of people she created. Yes, it was a sacrifice, but that doesn’t justify the lack of accountability in the end.

Wanda was allowed to just fly off in the distance in the WandaVision finale

The big flaw was in Wanda not actually facing the townspeople. She walked past them and they glared at her, but that was it.

These were the people who were held captive in Wanda’s created world. They lost their autonomy and their lives for however long they were stuck in Wanda’s world. Dottie, who was actually called Sarah, said she had an eight-year-old daughter she hadn’t seen since Wanda took over the town.

I’m not saying that Wanda is a villain. She was struggling with grief. However, that doesn’t mean she gets to walk away from all this without consequences. Arguably, losing the family she created isn’t the consequence. She needed to talk to the townspeople.

Actually, the biggest flaw was in Monica being the one to “forgive” Wanda. While Monica was temporarily part of the world, she wasn’t one of the townspeople there for the whole thing. Monica had managed to break free and then kicked out of the world, giving her a chance to understand everything that was going on.

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Yet, Monica was the one who got to give Wanda the forgiveness she needed. Rather than the townspeople, Monica was the one who could tell Wanda that what she did was okay, even though it really wasn’t okay.

It should have been the townspeople. They needed to be able to face Wanda, and instead, Wanda flew off to hide out in a cabin.

Now the townspeople just have to get on with their lives knowing that the person who did that to them is still out there. There’s no justice for them. Whether Wanda did it in her grief or not, the townspeople still deserve some sort of justice.

The WandaVision finale did end with some hope that some of this could be resolved in the future. A second season isn’t confirmed yet and there’s a chance the next storyline will take place in the MCU storylines, but the cliffhanger in the post-credits scene did offer a little hope.

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What did you think of the WandaVision finale? Do you want to see a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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