Warrior Nun Season 2 is officially a go at Netflix!

Netflix has officially given the go ahead for Warrior Nun Season 2. We’re not going to be left hanging after that insane cliff-hanger of a finale.

Thank you, Netflix! You’ve gone and done the right thing by signing off on Warrior Nun Season 2. The Netflix Original will continue its story which was left on a major cliff-hanger in the Season 1 finale.

The series, created by Simon Barry based on the Manga Comic Book character Warrior Nun Areala, made the official announcement about the renewal today to the world. A video of the cast reacting to the news accompanied the announcement.

Simon Barry surprised the cast during a video conference by asking them how they felt when they learned Warrior Nun Season 2 was happening. This was in fact the first time they were learning news and the reactions are not only hilarious, but very real.

You can see their reactions for yourself just below:

This is amazing news for fans. Season 1 ended with the reveal of Father Vincent double life and the realization they had released a true evil upon the world.

As the final moments of the season played out, we were left with the Warrior Nuns facing overwhelming numbers of innocent bystanders being effectively possessed and forced to fight to the death.

If Netflix had decided not to renew the original, then this would have been the last moments of the series and we would have always been wondering what happened next. Thankfully, this has not happened.


Warrior Nun Areala, Vol. 1 No. 1

So now the big question is when will Warrior Nun Season 2 premiere? Well it’s definitely not going to be this year for sure. Production has begun again for most TV shows and movies.

Many were delayed due to COVID-19. Hopefully Warrior Nun does not get held up in anyway due to What will no doubt be a backlog of filming and with any luck we will see the series release Season 2 next year.

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What do you think about the Season 2 renewal? When was your favorite part about Season 1? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.