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Will Warrior Season 3 happen?

Will Warrior Season 3 happen? It’s not been officially canceled or renewed just yet, but don’t count on it right now.

Warrior aired its Season 2 finale on Friday, and it has left a lot open to be explored in Season 3. The question on everybody’s mind; however, will Warrior Season 3 happen? The series, based on the writings by Bruce Lee ($), is currently sitting in limbo regarding its fate, and it is not looking very promising for fans wanting to see the series continue.

With Young Jun learning the truth about Ah Sahm and Mai Ling, creating a riff between the two friends; Leary stepping into the world of politics to represent the working man; Mrs. Blake committed to a mental asylum against her will; and Zing plotting his escape. There is a lot going to be left unanswered if the series is not renewed.

And due to WarnerMedia making the questionable decision to cancel all original Cinemax programming. Warrior is technically cancelled, and Warrior Season 3 is not happening. Meaning all of those questions are not being answered.

However, there is still some hope. Warrior is about to be added to HBO Max. When this is supposed to happen is still to be confirmed. When this does happen, it will give the series an opportunity to gain more viewers.

If this does happen and a large audience is obtained, then HBO Max may decide to pick up the series and give the go ahead for Warrior Season 3. However, if this does not happen, unless another network decides to step in and save the series, the Season 2 finale was also the series finale.

Until the series arrives on HBO Max there isn’t much, we can do other than sit and wait. When the time comes, we’ll keep a close eye on how the series is performing and whether it is likely to return for a new season.

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If you had to call it right now what do you think is going to happen? Will we Ah Sahm and co again? Drop a comment just below sharing our thoughts below.