5 things to watch on Amazon Prime Video in September 2019

Amazon Prime Video can drop a lot during the month and it becomes overwhelming. Avoid the overwhelm with these top five suggestions on Prime in September.

It can be difficult to avoid the overwhelm of the lists that come from streaming services. If you’re anything like me, you have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crave (which also means HBO and STARZ), and more. With so much content, it can become difficult to watch anything.

And that’s why you need help picking out the best titles from the list. In September 2019, there seven Amazon Originals. Then there are all the third-party movies and TV shows making their way on Amazon Prime Video. How do you choose between them?

Avoid the overwhelm with this list of five things to watch on Amazon Prime Video in September 2019.

5. Transparent Musicale Finale

It’s always a shame when one person ruins something for everyone else, although I’m completely on board with the decision to fire Tambor. What about the rest of the cast and crew? That’s the case for Transparent, but for those who wanted to see a real ending, Amazon has answered the wish.

Jeffrey Tambor is out. The family has to deal with the death of a loved one and move forward in life. They do that with the Transparent Musicale Finale.

Watch the Transparent Musicale Finale from Sept. 27.

4. Rango

It’s time for something for the entire family. Rango is a must. While Johnny Depp does voice the lead character, this is more about the journey of the lizard, who ends up accidentally in the wild.

He finds himself at the mercy of a village. That village of creatures has a problem with the water supply. Can Rango help figure out what that problem is and bring prosperity back to the place?

You can watch Rango from Sept. 27.

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3. Stargate

The 1994 movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader is coming to Amazon in September, and you’re not going to want to miss it. This is the movie that started the TV series that would become a phenomonen. If you’ve never watched it before, you’ll be in for a treat.

For those who have seen it in the past, watch it again. I guarantee there will be moments that stand out that you completely forgot about. Hey, you probably forgot Spader played Daniel!

Watch Stargate on Sept. 30.

2. Late Night

If you want a new movie to watch, Late Night is the place to turn. Created by and starring Mindy Kaling, this is a beautiful movie about equality, abilities, and friendship. Based on her experience in The Office’s writer’s room, Kaling created a movie about a young woman who is the only female and person of color in the room of a late night talk show host.

That talk show host, played by Emma Thompson, is failing in the ratings. If she doesn’t do something fast, she will lose her show. What happens when fresh, relevant blood is pulled into the writer’s room.

Check out the movie on Sept. 6.

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1. Undone

Out of all the Amazon Originals in September, Undone is a must. It’s an adult animated series, starring Rosa Salazar. After an accident, she ends up experience time shifts and the veil between life and death. Now that she can speak to her father, there’s a chance to find out what really happened the night he died.

All episodes will be released on Sept. 13. While it is animation, I do want to stress again that it is for adults. If you’re planning on watching it with children around, just be aware that there may be some adult content.

What are you watching on Amazon Prime Video? What will you recommend to friends in September? Share your thoughts in the comments below.