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How to watch the Friends Reunion online: Netflix? HBO Max? Hulu?

The Friends Reunion is finally here, but how can you watch it? Do you need Netflix? Amazon? Which streaming service is it on?

It’s the one we’ve been waiting for. The cast of Friends has got back together for a one-off reunion special. All six get to relive some of their memories, take us through some of the things that happened backstage, and finally clarify whether Ross and Rachel were on a break (they were!).

There is no doubt as a Friends fan you want to watch this special. What are your options to watch online, and what about in the future? Will it be something to add to your DVD and Blu-ray collection?

Watch Friends Reunion right now online

Right now, there is only one place to watch the reunion online in the United States. It is a HBO Max Originals, exclusive to the streaming platform.

This is now the home of all 10 seasons of Friends, so it’s not surprising that the reunion is there. Plus, the series and the special are Warner Bros. productions, and HBO Max is the WarnerMedia streaming platform.

It may head to another streaming platform in the future. This would be well into the future.

Could it head to Digital? This will depend on the plans for the DVD and Blu-ray release. It is possible but not guaranteed at this point.

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Where to watch the reunion internationally

Internationally, there are different places to watch the Friends Reunion.

If you’re in Canada, we can tell you that it’s on Crave. This is the home to all 10 seasons of the series now, and it is also where the HBO Max Originals head in Canada due to the deal with Bell Canada. So, it’s not surprising it’s heading here.

What about in other locations? You’ll want to check for yourself, but here are the latest agreements:

  • UK and Ireland: Sky and NOW
  • Sweden, Denmark, and Finland: HBO Nordic
  • Spain: HBO España
  • Central Europe: HBO Portugal and HBO Go
  • Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: HBO Go
  • Australia: Binge

Friends: The Reunion on DVD and Blu-ray

There are no signs just yet that the reunion is going to head to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s possible that in a few years time there will be another anniversary boxset of the whole series that will include the reunion. However, this is something that will likely remain only on streaming for as long as possible. After all, why will people have a streaming service for something if they have it on DVD and Blu-ray?

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Friends Reunion is on HBO Max in the United States and Crave in Canada.